Robert Gerhard Merker,

Freelancer, Master of mineral processing engineering

Oertenroeder Str. 21
D-35329 Gemuenden (Elpenrod)
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1. Education
1976 – 1981Mining University Freiberg/ Germany (Bergakademie)
  • studies of mineral processing / mechanical processing engineering, graduation as a master of engineering (Dipl.-Ing.), engineers degree project: china clay processing, diploma thesis: flotation of poor tin ores.
1991 – 1992College of Chemistry Fresenius Wiesbaden (Chemieschule Fresenius)
  • professional training in industrial environmental pollution control, contaminated sites management, hazardous materials and waste management.
2. Professional carrier
1981 - 1990Mineral Raw Materials Consulting Dresden GmbH, (geological industry)research associate and project manager,
  • project development, exploration of mineral deposits, process and product development, basic engineering, feasibility study rare earths (RE) ores etc.
1992 - 1995B.U.S Environmental Services (Berzelius- Umwelt-Service AG)(plants of processing and recycling of residues from the metallurgical industry)Project engineer and project manager,
  • pilot tests, process development, engineering, plant construction, application engineering of secondary raw materials, product and market development
1996 - 2003Aluminum Salt Slag Treatment Hanover und Luenen (ALSA GmbH)(treatment and recycling plants of salt slags from Aluminium smelters)Project manager, since 1997 head of Alumina sales and process development,
  • build-up of a secondary Alumina market in Germany and Central Europe, application engineering, product development,
  • process development, planning, construction and commissioning of processing plants in Germany, Norway and Canada
2004 - 2005Recyclage d’Aluminium Québec Inc. Becancour/ Canada, later on ALSA Canada(Al-smelters and salt slag treatment)Consultant and manager of marketing and product development,
  • commissioning and de-bottlenecking of a Salt Slag processing facility
  • product and market development for Alumina in North America
2005 - 2009Aluminum Salt Slag Treatment Hanover, Luenen and Toeging, (ALSA GmbH, now BEFESA Salzschlacke), in Germanyhead of application engineering and product development,
  • expansion of an Alumina market towards South Germany and Southeast Europe
  • green field project site evaluation, commissioning and de-bottlenecking of processing facilities
  • Project management, product and process development
from 2010 onFreelancer (R. Gerhard Merker – mmp)
  • consulting for raw material producer and trader, recycling and processing facilities, etc.
  • sourcing and supply of Alumina, mill scale, Iron ore, micro silica, Silicon carbide, Silicon, Iron sulphate, fly ash etc.
  • raw material sourcing and consulting for portland and special cement kilns, flux blenders, mineral wool facilities, etc.
  • market development and studies about secondary raw materials like Alumina, Magnesia, dross etc.
  • process deveolpment and engineering for processing respectively recycling of salt slags, Alumina, Silicon by-products, Rare Earthes, Tin-, Lithium- and Gold ores etc.
  • consulting of REACH- and CLP-procedures, development of a product status
  • consultant for processing tests of rare earth exploration projects ( for CRC among others)
3. International experience
Vietnam:1984 - 1988, from 2016technical consulting, ore reserve evaluation, pilot tests, planning of a green field rare earth mining project
Belgium, France, Scandinavia, Poland, Hungary, Czech, Austria, Sweden etc.:from 1994PEA salt slag, acquisition / customer care/ application engineering (cement kilns, mineral wool, steel mills)
Norway:2003permit application, plant site evaluation, planning of a brown field salt slag project
Brazil:2003Aluminium recycling seminar in Sao Paolo,
USA / Kanada:2000 - 2008,

from 2011 on
salt slag project development, plant planning, site evaluation, consulting, commissioning, manager of product and market development,

consultant for metallurgical tests and process engineering, REE exploration + PFS projects, Nb/Ta-ores, Gold/Copper plants

middle East:from 2011 onconsulting for Aluminium dross processors
4. Raw materials and processes
Geological exploration:Rare Earthes ores (REE), Feldspar, Quartz, Gold/Copper ores, Nb/Ta-ores, Bentonite,
Raw materials and commodities:Quartz, Feldspar, Bentonite, REE-Y-ores, Col-Tan ores, Heavy Mineral sands, Baryte, Talcum, Tin/tungsten ores, Gold-Copper-Sulfide ores, Li-ores, China clay, Alumina, Aluminiumhydroxide, Aluminium Metal, Aluminium dross, Silicon,SiC, Arc furnaces steel mill dust, Waelzkiln slag, Foundry sand, Al- and Mg-Salt Slags and cakes, Bypass dust from cement kilns, Potash
Processes and techniques:
  • Flotation of REE-Y-minerals, Fluorite, Baryte, Mica, Li-minerals, Cassiterite, Potash, gold, sulfides etc.;
  • Magnetic separation and purifying of REE-minerals, Ilmenite, Mica, Fe-minerals, Aluminium oxide, Aluminum
  • Electrostatic separation of Silicon and Heavy minerals;
  • Eddy current separation of metals like Magnesium and Aluminum,
  • Gravity separation of REE, Gold, Tin and Col-Tan minerals;
  • Wet and dry processing/milling of Al- and Mg-salt slags as well as various ores;
  • Processing of various ores, Feldspar, Aluminium oxide, China clay etc.;
  • Classifying of Aluminium oxide, metals, Salt slags, ore slurries, China clay, etc.;
  • Autogenous comminution of Salt slags;
  • Screening of Aluminiumoxide, Aluminium hydroxide, Feldspar;
  • Calcining of ceramic products, secondary Alumina, Calcium Aluminates;
  • thermical purification and upgrading of Alumina from salt slag and dross processing;
  • Drying of Alumina, Aluminum, ore concentrates;
  • Pelletizing of Aluminium hydroxide, ceramic mixings, Steel mill dust, Bypass dust;
  • Briquetting of Stell mill dust, Aluminium hydroxide, Alumina, Silicon etc.;
  • Filtration of China clay, ore slimes, Aluminium hydroxide, Salt slag;
  • Dedusting and cleaning of dryers and calciners off-gases;
  • Melting of Alumina etc.;
  • Mechanical and pneumatical conveying of dusts, bulk materials, etc.;
  • Crystallization of Chlorides
  • Processing of Gold/Copper-ores
5. Planning, construction and commissioning
Ore processing:1985 - 1989:Rare Earthes Ores of Dong Pao/Vietnam:
development of a processing technique, basic engineering, (grinding, flotation, classifying, magnetic separation, filtration, drying, acidic leaching), site evaluation, mine and facility planning, feasibility study for 40 kt/y of ore input
2012 - 14:

from 2016 on:

from 2016 on:
Rare earth ore Ashram/Eldor/Canada:
development of a flotation technique for a Monazite + Bastnaesite bearing carbonatite rare earth ore, consulting for a PFS (CRC)

REE study Vietnam

Gold-Copper US
Consulting for a pilot plant operation, project development
Salt Slag processing:1995 - 2009:operation of Best-Available-Technology Salt Slag treatment plants at Luenen 170 kt/y, Hanover 110 kt/y, Toeging 100 kt/y in Germany (crushing, milling, screening, leaching, oxide filtration, chloride crystallization, off-gas washing, fertilizer production, etc.)1998 - 2003:process development and pilot processing tests of German, Canadian and Norwegian Salt Slags;1997 / 1998:development, construction and commissioning of a wet milling facility (milling, screening, magnetic separation, metal drying, off-gas washing) at ALSA Luenen/ Germany, 60 kt/y Al–Salt-Slag-fines input2001 - 2004development, planning, commissioning of a sophisticated processing plant (wet milling, screening, magnetic separation, leaching, oxide filtration, oxide curing and drying, chloride crystallization, off-gas combustion, etc.) at RAQ Inc. in Becancour /Canada, 30 kt/y slag input capacity2003development, planning and permit application of a Salt Slag processing plant (crushing, wet milling, screening, filtration, leaching, crystallization etc.) at Hydro Aluminium in Karmoy /Norway, 50 kt/y capacity2006 - 2008

construction, commissioning and de-bottlenecking of a Salt Slag processing plant (wet milling, screening, magnetic separation, leaching, oxide filtration, oxide curing and drying, crystallization, etc.) at ALSA Sued in Toeging/Germany, 100 kt/y input capacity

PEA study salt slag East Europe

Pelletizing:1994 / 1995development, construction and commissioning of a mixing and pelletizing facility of Steel Mills Arc Furnace dust and coke breeze at B.U.S Zinkrecycling Freiberg/ Germany, 100 kt/y capacity
Press filtration:1999 / 2000development, construction and commissioning of a press filtration facility of secondary Alumina at ALSA GmbH Luenen/Germany, ard. 100 kt/y output capacity
Calcining:1994:pilot tests and basic engineering of a fluidized bed calcining facility to produce high value ceramics from secondary Alumina, BUS AG2001 / 2002:development, planning and permit of a brown field calcining project (mixing, pelletizing, rotary kiln, cooler, screening, silo storage, packaging, off-gas cleaning) to produce Calcium Aluminate at ALSA GmbH Luenen / Germany, 30 kt/y output capacity
Drying:2003 / 2004construction and commissioning of an Alumina drying facility (feeding system, rotary dryer, bag house filter, screening, packaging) at RAQ Inc. in Becancour/Canada, ard. 20 kt/y output capacity2007construction, commissioning and de-bottlencking of an Alumina drying facility (feeding system, rotary dryer, bag house filter, pneumatic conveyors, silo station) at ALSA Sued in Toeging / Germany, ard. 50.000 t/y output capacity2007 / 2009start-up, de-bottlenecking and ramping-up of an Alumina drying facility at ALSA GmbH in Hanover/ Germany, ard. 20 kt/y output capacity
6 . Market development, Application engineering
  • secondary Alumina for the lines of cement clinker, mineral wool, steel refining slags, refractories, building materials, filler etc.; development of a market of ard. 250 kt/y secondary Alumina in Germany, Europe and North America
  • Feldspar / Quartz products in the ceramic and glass industry;
  • waeltz-slag for the road construction
  • Silicon and SiC, by-products for the metallurgy etc.
  • Mikrosilica for construction
  • mill scale and low grade iron ores for cement kilns etc.

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8. Presentation and reference client list